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Bee Venom Collector

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Bee Venom Collector

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The Bee Venom Collector made by Chung Jin Biotech extracts bee-venom through the administration of an electrical shock to a live bee. This product has proven its excellence, and has been given a new device patent and a certification of new technology, guaranteeing its world-class quality.

Since this Bee Venom Collector has no substantial impact on basic bee-farming (collecting honey or pollen), or on the condition of the bees themselves, the extractor has rapidly become a source of extra income in bee-farming businesses. With the Bee Venom Collector by Chung Jin Biotech, your business will never be the same.

The advantage of Chung Jin Biotech's Bee Venom Collector over other such devices is the low death rate of the bees. It is strengthened in safety, with a basic input and output of 12V and the addition of a fuse. Moreover, it has an indicator lamp, a special feature to make it easy to use for those who are unfamiliar with the machine.

The market for honey or other bee related products is already mature, and because of climate-change, the amount of produce has declined, and bee-farming businesses are undergoing hard times. At this point, the Bee Venom Collector developed by Chung Jin Biotech can lead customers into a new market.